“Effects of experimental warming on carbon sink function of a temperate Sphagnum-peatland”

Funded by the French National Agency for Research under the “Vulnerability: Environment  – Climate” program

N° ANR-07-VUL-010
January 2008 -  December 2011

Coordinator: Fatima Laggoun-Défarge

7 Partners

The aim of PEATWARM project is to experimentally increase the temperature of a Sphagnum-peatland and to assess how the ecosystem is affected in its structure and function. The specific focus is to determine the impact of the temperature increase on :
=> major plant functional groups
=> the balance of above- and below-ground C fluxes (especially by the isotopic signature of respired CO2)
=> microbial diversity and activity in Sphagnum mosses and peat
=> the dynamics of labile and recalcitrant OM of below-ground peat
=> interactions between plants-microbes-fauna in terms of CNS transferts

The ultimate goal is the creation of a biogeochemical model of C coupled with N and S cycles that attempts to extrapolate changes over the next two decades.

Additional financial supports of:
Regional Council of Franche Comté
Regional Council of Centre